Revolutionizing Business Intelligence: A Deep Dive into AI-Driven Strategic Solutions

Empowering Global Enterprises: Advanced AI and Custom Tech Stacks for Enhanced Decision-Making

Revolutionizing Business Intelligence: A Deep Dive into AI-Driven Strategic Solutions

About The Customer

The company is a specialized provider of intelligence and technology-driven solutions to large businesses from diverse sectors across the globe. With expertise in strategic, operational, and tactical support,leveraging data analytics, past experiences, and industry insights, the company assists their clients in navigating strategic, operational, financial, and technological initiatives.

In today’s business environment, change is faster than ever. With such speed of change comes increased exposure to adverse business situations, rising competitive forces, changing regulations, fraudulent third parties etc.

Helping clients navigate this by thoroughly assessing the risk associated with a third party was one of the key services provided by The Company. Clients looking to partner with third parties could now involve The Company for doing a thorough financial, regulatory, legal analysis of the third party and sharing findings through various reports.

The Problem

Doing such thorough analysis is time consuming and error prone. The Company, with modernisation in its roots, wanted to explore if technologies like Generative AI could be leveraged to ease the time and error challenge for them.

Yet the true challenges lay deeper. Delivering seamless discovery of information, doing analysis on findings and creating a legible, well formatted report in a cost effective, and accurate way required custom engineering the entire tech stack in different ways. Not doing so would only mean high expenses of managing a tech stack that was not delivering the required results.

The other challenge lay in the fact that while technologies like Generative AI have been talked about as a single solution to many problems, they have many limitations. There are only a few handful of problems where they can be counted upon to deliver reliable results.

Lastly, data privacy and security become cornerstones in such endeavors.

But the real challenge lay in replicating the human intelligence and experience in an automated system.

The Solution

In was clear from the onset that this use cases needed custom engineering of various technologies, along with optimised design of cloud architecture.

The resulting solution was a custom design cloud architecture that used hybrid workloads to allow cost effective operations at scale. Four different Artificially Intelligent models had to be deployed to bring the right level of correctness and human insights in the final output. The complex solution used four different cloud service providers in addition to bringing together a score of third party services. All of this was delivered in a web based solution neatly protected with access controls.


The implemented solution today allows the company to generate automated reports with very minimal input. The solution is capable of learning the changing needs over time hence is capable of staying relevant for longer periods of time without needing major reinvestments in technology.

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