Life Sciences

Revolutionizing Life Sciences: Embracing Technology for Competitive Advancement

In an era where science and technology converge with unprecedented speed, the life sciences sector stands on the brink of a transformative revolution.


Landscape and Opportunities

  • $130 billion the domestic pharmaceutical market projected to reach by 2030​
  • 20% India's global market share in generic medicines
  • 18% Year on year growth in Indian pharmaceutical exports
  • 4200 biotech startups anticipated in India

Technology as a Catalyst for Change

Innovations in Practice

AI and knowledge graphs are expediting solution-finding in the life sciences sector.

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Emerging Technologies

Technology is helping with enhancing customer experiences, production planning, and managing compliances.

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The Path Forward: Integration and Optimization

Solving for fragmented technological solutions can bring efficiencies and cost improvements.

Despite these advancements, the life sciences industry confronts substantial inefficiencies due to the fragmented nature of existing technological solutions. The challenge lies in integrating these disparate systems to create seamless, efficient workflows that reduce costs and enhance trial effectiveness, as evidenced by the significant percentage of clinical study sites that remain unactivated due to budget and contract complications.

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